Director – John Meramveliotakis

Mr. Meramveliotakis is a graduate of Durham Academy and Seneca College in Toronto, Canada.  His academic credentials include certificates in computer programming, marine engineering, shipping economics and finance, dry cargo operations and business management.

Mr. Meramveliotakis worked from the bottom – up in a leading privately held property management company in Toronto, Canada.  As an Operations Manager, he has led multi-million dollar projects and has benefited the company with record bottom-line results through cost-containment strategies, revenue maximization, strategic partnerships, budgeting, procurement efficiency and human resource development.  Mr. Meramveliotakis is also involved in other entrepreneurial activities including investments in the fields of alternative energy, tourism, transportation, real estate, software and app-development. 

Through his well-positioned investments, Mr. Meramveliotakis now plays an active role as a Venture Capitalist, investing in businesses with vision and prospects for growth.  In our company, Mr. Meramveliotakis has played a vital and enthusiastic role since inception and is our most valuable supporter.