Company Services

Probulk Shipping & Trading offers full ship management services which range from expert technical support, the administration of all crew matters, handling of freight and chartering requirements all through the maintenance of accounting and financial matters. Due to the stringent regulatory and ever-evolving shipping environment it is to the owners’ best interest to consolidate all departments required for the management of a ship in a single management company. Here at PROBULK we believe this is the only way quality management services can be truly offered.

PROBULK is in every position to provide for all required services, from A to Z, to any owner or aspiring owner. However, if our customer requires only partial or selective management services, we are here to accommodate any of those specific needs and we will do so at the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Our full management service plan includes
  • the provision of highly skilled and qualified seafarers sourced through our PROBULK crew pooling plan
  • the arrangement of all crew-related matters including but not limited to planning repatriation and joining members, crew rotations, MGA, training and medical examinations, etc.
  • providing for all necessary fresh water, deck and engine stores, lubricants, spare parts and other materials required for the vessel to perform her employment reliably
  • maintaining the vessel at the highest standards of maintenance always in strict accordance with the approved budget amount as agreed with the owner
  • supervision of all necessary repairs including but not limited to intermediate surveys and special surveys
  • if required by the owner, to include the ship in the RightShip regime and to increase its commercial value via maintaining the highest possible star rating
  • to keep the vessel at all times properly insured against all customary risks based on the instructions by the owner covering Hull and Machinery, P&I, War Risks, K&R, etc.
  • to handle all claims (Hull and Machinery, P&I, stevedore damages, etc.)
  • to keep full and complete cost accounts, books and records of the ship and to submit same to owner on a quarterly basis as compared to the budget
  • to furnish a complete (unaudited) statement of accounts to the owner for the owning company, if required
  • to submit semi-annual reports covering the condition of the ship, performance and maintenance status, recommendations imposed by third parties, the status of outstanding claims or insurance matters and other matters of interest to the owner
  • to collect all hire and freight and to provide post-fixture as well as full chartering/employment services to the owner
  • to handle all vessel operations including vessel performance, cargo hold readiness, bunker stems, the issuance of voyage instructions, husbandry items, monitor pre-loading and discharging sequences and to run stability tests
  • if required to handle all sale and purchase negotiations with the instructions of the owner
  • to setup financing arrangement for the owner, if so required
  • to perform pre-purchase inspections on behalf of the owner if required

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